Hunting Customer Code of Conduct

I will be safety-minded in everything that I do while on Rayonier land.

I will recognize the value of wearing high-visibility colors such as "Hunter Orange" while on Rayonier Land, comply with state requirements regarding high-visibility clothing where applicable and encourage use in areas where high-visibility clothing or "Hunter Orange" is voluntary.

I will recognize myself as a guest on Rayonier land and behave in a manner that will ensure I am welcome to return.

I will practice the rules of safe gun handling and shooting safety. I will remind those who hunt with me to do the same.

I will remember that my actions reflect upon my hunting party and the broader hunting community.

I will not consume alcohol or other substances that may endanger myself or others while hunting or operating motor vehicles.

I will comply with all driver safety requirements while using company roads, including speed limits and CB usage where applicable.

I will yield the right of way to all logging equipment that is encountered when driving on Rayonier roads.

I will obey all signage that I encounter when on Rayonier land.

I will mentor others in the attitudes and skills of an ethical sportsman.

I will be a good steward of the land and leave Rayonier property in as good or better condition than when I arrived.

I will honor my commitment to the Rayonier Hunting Contract including understanding and complying with all game laws, regulations and this Code of Conduct.

I will follow all applicable local, state and federal laws while on Rayonier property.

I will recognize and act appropriately given the rights and privileges of Rayonier employees, contractors and others accessing the same lands that I hunt.

I will not hinder work progress by Rayonier employees, contractors or others on the property that I hunt.

I will not encroach on other persons or their property.

I will close and lock access gates where applicable.

I will respect and remain courteous to all persons I meet while on Rayonier lands and when interacting with Rayonier employees, contractors, or law enforcement.

I will stand firmly against discrimination, hatred, racism and injustice of any kind.

I will report trespass, theft, vandalism or any other conflict to the appropriate Rayonier representative or law enforcement personnel rather than take matters into my own hands.

I will share and review a copy of the Rayonier Hunting Contract and this Code of Conduct with all club members and/or hunting companions.

I will hold myself and my hunting companions accountable to this Code of Conduct.