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Food Plot Programs

Food Plots

Rayonier has a Food Plot Program that allows you to plant existing and even create new Food Plots. Food plots attract more game, increase your ‘huntable’ acres, and improve the habitat on your hunting property. Not to mention the additional nutrition can increase body weight, improve reproduction, and increase antler size.According to a study from Auburn University, the cost of producing forage from a food plot is 10 percent of the cost of supplemental feed. Most hunters agree that a properly managed food plot is the best investment when managing their hunting property.

Because timber production is the basis of Rayonier’s business and allows us to own the land, we do charge a yearly rental fee if a Food Plot is in an area that would normally be used for timber production. If the Food Plot is in an opening that we created, such as a road or logging deck, then no fee is required to rent the area.

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